3692756286_96c9accf70_zFew people debate the necessity of students becoming skilled, savvy users of technology. What is often overlooked is intentional training in balance. Our children need help to practise moderating the use of media.

The Idea Behind e-Quipped
Media poses two tough challenges for parents and schools: the first is to find and maintain balance in its use, and the second is to minimise its inherent risks.

eQuipped is designed to “partner with parents for good” in the critical work of maximising safety and learning opportunities while minimising the risks to our children as they engage with technology.

The articles on e-Quipped address a myriad of modern issues, from cyber-parenting to sexting. Readers will find breaking cybersafety news, tips for setting media boundaries, and new (or not so new) cyber-dangers.

It’s not all doom and gloom here: Good news about kids and technology also gets airtime. Articles cover cutting-edge research on the personal and academic benefits of technology, what’s right about social media, and great parenting/family apps. Watch out for eLearning Updates, when we visit the classroom to see Chromebooks in action, and The Teacher’s Pick, articles about teachers’ favourite apps.

The School Behind e-QuippedNCC square logo

e-Quipped was born out the one-to-one learning journey of Northside Christian College, a P-12 school located Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. (“One-to-one learning” refers to the educational model in which there is one electronic device per student.) The College recognised and sought to address the challenges families experience in an education involving increased access to technology.


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Women of Wi-Fi, after Caillebotte, by Mike Licht, CC 2.0


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