Did you know that there is a direct relationship between psycho-social competency and academic achievement?

  • “In tests with 1,011 children, those who showed an aptitude for reading feelings non-verbally were among the most popular in their schools and the most emotionally stable.  They also did better in school, even though, on average, their IQ’s were not higher than those (less skilled at reading non-verbal messages.)”  —Goleman, 1995
  • “School interventions that increase social and emotional competence result in higher achievement levels, although the reverse is not true ( i.e., academic enrichment does not increase social responsibility.)”   —Coie & Krebheil, 1984
  • “SEL improves students’ positive behaviour and reduces negative behaviour.  It promotes young people’s academic success, health and well-being at the same time that it prevents a variety of problems, such as drug and alcohol abuse, violence, truancy, and bullying.”  —Durlak, Weisberg, Dyminiki, Taylor & Schellinger, 2008

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) makes a big difference! SEL is one important part of Life Skills. Set For Life is a life skills curriculum that prepares secondary students for present and future challenges. The curriculum covers age-appropriate topics in an interactive, engaging format.

Life Skills Curriculum Package (2)

For further information about the Set For Life curriculum or for pricing inquiries, please contact Mr Graham Brown, gbrown@northside.org.au.