Embracing 1:1 learning comes with challenges and opportunities. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the two apart.

Helping students manage technology use is a challenge, especially when schools are requiring greater access to devices. It’s also an opportunity–a wonderful chance to train young people to moderate media use. Whether it’s seen as a challenge or an opportunity, it is a task that is deserving of attention. Lip service won’t do. Educators and parents must be intentional as they approach this all-important life skill.

The e-Quipped Digital Citizenship & Cybersafety Package provides schools with tools to meet the challenge and maximise the opportunity bound up in the 1:1 paradigm. The package takes a whole-community approach by equipping young people, their teachers and their parents.

The package has three prongs.

  • The L-Plate is a curriculum package consisting of five classroom lessons. It was written for middle school students but can be easily adapted to younger or older students.
  • The P-Plate lays the foundations of digital citizenship and cybersafety use for students. The package includes a six-module quiz-style program that students can work through individually on Moodle or other such platforms. Both the L- and the P-Plate act as orientation and gatekeepers at the launch of 1:1 learning programs. Acceptable use (which can be customised to match your school’s policy) is embedded in both programs, so expectations are clearly stated.
  • The e-Quipped website is a go-to source of information for parents and educators.

The curriculum materials support a Christian ethos. Guarding the Heart is the core of the program. The materials specify iPads, but users may customise the package to meet their school’s unique needs.

Schools can purchase  the package for the benefit of your community. Several schools in Australia and New Zealand already use the e-Quipped Digital Citizenship & Cybersafety Package for their students.



Contact Northside Christian College for further information. Email: ncc@northside.org.au