Screentime and Cyber-Health


School holidays gave me the time to visit UCB’s Vision Radio Network FM to talk about screentime and cyber-health. On 26 September, I visited the studio to record the show Cyber-health and the Holidays.

Morning Cafe host Karen Hunt, a long-time supporter of e-Quipped, made me feel welcome and showed me, a total radio noob, the ropes. You can listen to the show by clicking the link above. [Scroll down to 26 September 2014.]

Many thanks to Karen and Vision Radio Network for sharing their airtime with me. This opportunity allowed me to spread the word across Australia about the importance of teaching kids about screentime and cyber-health. I believe parents and schools have to become more intentional about equipping kids to regulate their screentime and monitor their media intake.

If you’d like to read more of my thoughts on the subject and discover the link between screentime and mental illness in young people, click the links to other e-Quipped posts on Managing Screentime below.