Great Resources for Parents of Gaming Kids

Gaming  Screentime

Cyber-parenting has its own unique challenges, but if there’s a young member of the family who’s into gaming, those challenges become more complex–and constant.

Gaming refers to the hobby of playing computer or video games. For lay people, this includes a range of activities, including:

  • Console games: Wii, PlayStation, PSP, Nintendo
  • App games: Angry Birds, Clash of Clans, Fruit Ninja
  • Social games: Farmville, CandyCrush
  • MMO (Massively Multiplayer): World of Warcraft, Runescape
  • And More!

Got Gamers? Great Resources Below

e-Quipped is happy to share some excellent resources for parents of gaming kids. Bookmark these sites, as you will want to return to them again and again. The first one, a free e-book, is a must-have.

One-Stop Shop in an e-book!

The Modern Parents Guide to Kids and Video Games is a down-loadable PDF e-book and a one-stop, must-have guide to everything related to gaming. Whatever you need, it’s there, from setting parental controls on popular devices and consoles to a glossary of gaming terminology. Here’s what the back cover says the book includes:

  • Complete Guides: PC, Console, Mobile, Online and Social Games
  • Using Parental Controls and Video Game Ratings
  • Hints, Tips and Strategies: Picking the Right Video Games
  • Common Concerns: Violence, Addiction, Health, Online Safety
  • Setting House Rules and Time Limits
  • Best Games for Kids, Teens and Tweens
  • Essential Tools and Resources for Parents

Gaming Websites, Blogs, and Television Shows

Family Friendly Video Games

Every game reviewed by the good people at Family Friendly Video Games gets a report card, which is very handy if you’re trying to limit exposure to specific content (e.g., occult themes, drug references, etc.) They also issue a “Seal of Approval” (like a Heart-Smart ™ tick) to endorse games that meet their family friendly criteria.


This website has reviews of popular video games. It’s a good starting place to see what games are all about. Just type in the name of the game to link to a review.

Entertainment Software Rating Board

ESRB sounds serious and drab but the website is full of useful information. The page of tips for parents is particularly useful as is the Family Discussion Guide. You can search the ratings of games if you’re not sure. (NB: this site refers to US ratings).

Common Sense Media

An e-Quipped favourite, Common Sense Media has a handy app that you can put on your phone. When you’re out shopping and Little Gamer Boy asks for the newest game, you can check on reviews on the spot. You’ll also find reviews and info about popular books, movies, TV, music and more/

Good Game

This television program on ABC3 (Australia) is all about gaming. The presenters, Bajo and Hex, have a great following in Australia amongst young (and not-so-young) gamers. Their reviews will give parents insight into what kids are playing—or wanting to play. Most episodes are linked to the website.

The Video Game Revolution

This television show on PBS (USA) is similar to Good Game. The related website gives an overview of gaming, including history, parental tips, a guide to ratings, and more. Here’s a sample of their useful posts:

Teach Mama Blog

Game Time Tickets is a system one mother uses to manage tech time at home. It’s particularly useful for families that have multiple gamers and younger children.

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