A Cybersafety Talk Your Kids Will Actually Enjoy


Eyerolling is kids’ standard response when parents and teachers talk about cybersafety. Cyberspace is their world after all.

We get it: they’re the digital natives; we parents (many of us) are the digital noobs. But even the most tech-shy adults have more life experience than their kids, and we owe it to our children to make sure we’re equipping them to stay safe and behave like decent humans online.

We wouldn’t let them jump on a public bus or get behind the steering wheel of a car without some serious coaching beforehand AND as they’re learning. How much more do they need our insight when they play in the online world where friends and creepy types can be blurred.

Telstra and the Queensland Department of Training and Employment have collaborated to create a visually appealing, interactive tool to help parents start a cybersafety conversation with their kids aged 10-12. Everybody loves a quiz, right? How about one where you get to bust the baddies?

Meet the Creeps – an online quiz for kids and parents

  Meet the Creeps explores some of the online traps that parents and kids need to be aware of. The quiz lets kids unmask and identify cyberbullies, scammers, posers, predators and more. Tips to stay safe and behaviours to avoid are included.

For best effect, parents and kids should take the 5-minute quiz together. Discuss the issues and use the opportunity to make sure your kids are e-Quipped to stay safe and behave appropriately online.

Kudos to Telstra and the Queensland government for creating this great tool. Click the link above to find the quiz.