Postcard #4 from Your Child’s iPad

Dear Mum and Dad,

It's Friday and your son and I have had a great week together at school.

In English, we learned about persuasive techniques, and the teacher used QR codes to hand our our writing task. (QR Codes are those funny square barcode things.) We scanned the code using the Qrafter Code Reader app and found out what work we had to do. Your son emailed himself the code, so the task won't get lost.

Then in SOSE, we learned how to find reliable sources of information on the internet. We set up user accounts in eLibrary and World Book databases and started researching the Middle Ages. The best part is we can access all of it from home!

In Maths because everyone stayed on task, the teacher let us play Battle Times HD, an educational game, for the final minutes of class. We raced each other with multiplication facts, and we tried to match the teacher's score. I bet you never had that much fun in Maths class back in the day!

Wish you were here! The whole week has been great.

Lots of love,

Your son's (hardworking) iPad


This completes the series One Week in the Life of a Student's iPad. If you've enjoyed this “fly's eye view” of your children's classrooms, stay tuned for future fortnightly postcards featuring rich learning experiences with the iPad. Many thanks to the teachers who've allowed me to join their classes.

Creative Commons Image: Old postcards