Postcard #3 From Your Child’s iPad

Dear Mum and Dad,

Year 11 PE today was awesome! Your son and I got to work together on improving his tennis serve. We made a video of him in action, and tonight he’s going to analyse his serve, frame by frame.

Over the coming week, for assessment, he and I will be compiling a presentation featuring the video clip with a voice-over that analyses the strengths and faults of his serve and offers suggestions on how to improve it. Just like the top athletes at the Australian Institute of Sport–but better, because we create the whole thing!

Your son has had a great experience applying sport science and technological know-how in the one activity. With the feedback and opportunity to reflect, it’s a great way to learn!

Wish you were here–your serve could use a little work too! (Just kidding!)

Lots of love,

Your Son’s iPad


This is Day Four of A Week in the Life of Your Child’s iPad, when we share a “fly’s eye view” of personal devices in the classroom. Teachers and students are using technology in creative, engaging ways, as the stories in this series demonstrate.

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