Postcard #2 from your Child’s iPad

Dear Mum and Dad,

Greetings from Year 10 Maths!

This year so far the kids have been learning mathematical formulas for figuring out area, TSA , Volume and Capacity of different shapes–circles, cones, cylinders and so forth. The teacher opened today's lesson with a short quiz to gauge the students' understanding. That's where I got to help your daughter.

Once everyone had logged on to the student version of an app called Socrative, a customised review quiz with fifteen multiple choice questions appeared. The teacher's iPad was hard at work; she created the quiz in advance on the instructor version of the app. In class it monitored the students' progress and told her when everyone had finished the quiz.

When the whole class had finished, she used her iPad to project the quiz results without names. The kids could see which questions they answered correctly. The wrong answers showed them what they needed to review. (BTW, between you and me, your daughter needs a little practice converting units of volume–but she knows that now. I saw her make a note in her diary to study it tonight!)

Not only do the kids enjoy applying their knowledge, the instant feedback is very valuable for everyone. When a question was answered incorrectly by a number of students, the teacher was alerted to an area that needed some extra teaching time.

Wish you were here! Using Socrative as an intro to the Maths lesson was a real buzz. You'd love Maths nowadays!

Lots of love,

Your daughter's iPad




This is Day Two of A Week in the Life of Your Child's iPad, when we share a “fly's eye view” of personal devices in the classroom.

For more on the classroom app Socrative, watch this video or read this review.




Creative Commons Image: Old postcards