Equipping Teens to Subdue the Media Beast

Like it or not, media has the power to shape the sexuality of today’s young people. Most parents have despaired over risqué music videos and suggestive lyrics. Then, of course, there’s the internet with its constant bombardment of smutty images and dodgy content. Completely depraved material (and people) could be only one mouse click away, a possibility that makes any aware parent shudder in horror.

It has many of us wondering if anyone—particularly our wired kids—can remain unscathed by modern media consumption.

Technology isn’t going away; we all depend on it too much. It does make life and business easier and learning richer. And young people aren’t likely to abandon it. What’s needed is a strategy to tame the Media Beast…

To equip our teens to make wise choices about sex, we need an approach that develops and hones critical literacy and thinking skills as it informs. To be truly meaningful, the strategy must transcend media and encompass real life, face-to-face situations as well. To engage young peope, it has to be relational, fun, and relevant.

Enter The Youth Wellbeing Project. This dynamic team of educators offers back-up support to parents through their programs. Their GET A GRIP teenz program encourages young people to think about whole-person centred sexuality; delay sexual behaviour; and make smart choices – not just related to sex, but also peer groups, alcohol use, self-respect, respect for others plus so much more.

In a small group environment, they cover everything from social media, internet use and trends, consent laws, what constitutes a healthy relationship, risks of STIs, decision making when it comes to emotions verses hormonal feelings, unexpected pregnancy, harms of pornography, sexting, listening to internal warning signs to avoid risky situations and more.

Program Founder and National Director of the Youth Wellbeing Project, Liz Walker, holds a Master of Health Science (Sexual Health) through Sydney University. She leads a team of qualified and enthusiastic group facilitators. More information can be found here.

Upcoming Opportunity for Brisbane Teens
The Youth Wellbeing Project team is delivering GET A GRIP teenz program for teens in North Brisbane at Foundations Counselling Centre. From Friday 9th November to Friday 7th December (for 10 hours in total) they will be running two separate small groups of guys and girls (10 – 15 teens in each).

Parents are welcome to call Liz Walker on 0438 124 780 to find out more and register. As numbers are limited, registrations are essential.